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Greener Days Farm

If the Grass is greener... move the fence!

Greener Days Farm is a sustainable off-grid farm focused on raising
heritage Large Black pigs, Katahdin sheep, ducks, chickens, and rabbits
in Waldoboro, Maine. Their animals are raised on pastures, woodlots, and
crop fields. They practice managed intensive rotational grazing for the health of our animals, to build healthy soil and improve the ecosystem on their farm.

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Farmer Craig

farmer and builder

Laura and Craig both grew up in New England and met shortly before starting college. After completing their degrees in Florida, they moved to Northern Virginia (DC suburb) where they completed their graduate degrees – Laura in Engineering and Craig in Business. For the next decade they worked for a large defense contractor supporting the US Navy and Naval Allies. During this time, they caught the farming bug and decided to raise some chickens – a new dream was born. Over the next five years they began to plan their next careers – ones that would be a benefit the community and the environment. In 2014, they took the leap and moved to Maine to start their farm.

Farmer Laura

Farmer,  REsearch and Evaluation manager at Efficiancy Maine

Their 157-acre farm is in the beautiful coastal town of Waldoboro, Maine. Over 100 years ago the property was a large homestead. While, over time, the fields have grown back into forest, evidence of the original homestead still exists today. Stonewalls, foundations, and a rock lined well have survived through time, and are now being preserved. After purchasing the land in 2011, Craig and Laura immediately started planning a modern farm using the best of today’s organic farming practices. Today the 157-acres is broken down into major management areas:

The Farmstead (10 acres) – consisting of the house, winter barn, workshop and sawmill, ponds, gardens, roads, solar arrays, and the future greenhouse/high tunnel and smokehouse/sugar shack. This is the core of our farm.

Livestock Management Area (30 acres) – this is where our animals spend April thru January (they move to the winter barn during our harshest winter months). This area consists of crop fields, silvopastures and full woodlots.

Forest area (60 acres) – Currently set aside to stay mostly in its natural state while providing us firewood/lumber and entertainment in the form of walking, snowshoeing, skiing, and hunting.

Wildlife Conservation (52 acres) – consisting mostly of wetlands that provides wildlife and nature a place to do what it does best.

Large Black Hogs

Heritage Breed

Heritage breeds are those that were perfected over a hundred years ago
by farmers who bred for taste, hardiness, mothering ability, and
efficiency. Most heritage breeds of hogs are very rare today and one of
the most rare is the Large Black Hog.
Their meat is succulent and richly marbled, producing tender, moist cuts with incomparable flavor!

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