Where do you source your pigs? What breed are they?

We source all our pigs locally and exclusively from Greener Days farms in Waldoboro, Maine. They are a small, sustainable off-grid farm focused on raising healthy and happy pigs. They raise Large Black Heritage pigs. We invite you to check out the farm:

Farm Website: www.greenerdaysfarm.com

How do you cook your pigs?

We use all-natural hardwood lump charcoal. We also add apple wood to elevate the pork with a subtle smoky flavor. We source our apple wood from Boothby’s Orchards in Livermore, Maine. As well as being a working orchard and farm, Boothby's Orchard is also a wedding venue, please check them out.

Orchard Website:


How long does it take to cook the pig?

It typically takes 8 to 10 hours for us to roast a pig.

However, the total cooking time can vary. Some factors include precipitation, wind, ambient temperature, and, of course, the size of the pig.

We will provide you with an accurate arrival time the week of your event.

How much does a pig roast cost?

Our prices are priced per person and the menu is à la carte. Here is a sample menu with
traditional sides and pricing for 60 guests:

Whole Roasted Pig - $19pp

Baked Beans - $1.50pp

Cornbread  - $1.50pp

Coleslaw - $1.50pp

Total price per person - $23.5

60 guests X $23.5 = $ 1,410

Gratuity (20%) = $282

Sales Tax (8%) = $135.36

Total = $1,827.36

For an accurate quote for your event. Please fill out our contact form.

What size parties can you accommodate?

We can accommodate parties of 500+ guests.

However, we do have a minimum party size of 60 guests for all pig roasts.

What is the smallest pig roast that you will cater?

We have a minimum event size of 60 people for all pig roasts. We can accommodate smaller parties, but we do still charge for 60 people

What equipment do you provide and what is the host responsible for?

Mainely Pig Roasts will provide all the equipment needed to roast the pig. We also provide the serving dishes and serving utensils. We provide disposable plates and cutlery at no additional cost.

The host is responsible for providing all other equipment needed to accommodate their guests:

Tables, Chairs, Tents, etc.

We also ask the host to provide the tables for the buffet area. Typically, a maximum of two 8-foot tables is needed.

What if the weather is bad? Can we get a rain check?

Unfortunately, due to the days of preparation required for each event, we do not provide rain checks. We are prepared to cook in all weather conditions. We provide our own tents to protect us from the elements.

Interested in using us for your next event?